How the SOC Audit Will Benefit Website DevelopersWhy Should A Web Agency Get A SOC Report

In the wake of recent, large-scale data breaches WannaCry and Petya, the web world has called for an increase in cybersecurity measures. No longer can some Average Joe simply download a pre-built WordPress theme, insert a few shady plugins and call themselves a website programmer. To stay afloat in the current digital landscape, web design agencies must be well-versed on all cybersecurity threats. They must cover all of their bases and create an end-product that is free from vulnerabilities. A thorough SOC Report for Cybersecurity could be the answer to all of these agencies’ security problems.


Being Proactive In a Volatile Digital Environment

When it comes to crisis management, prevention is significantly easier to handle than clean-up. That is precisely why SOC audit teams dig deep into the controls and processes of a web development firm’s overall strategy – to discover any pitfalls and shortcomings. What does the firm’s risk management process look like? How do they work to ward off cyber attacks and threats? What does their back-up and clean-up plans look like? Do they even have an official plan in place?

The web world is interesting because there are a lot of shortcuts developers can take to get a job done quicker. For instance, instead of hard-coding a specific functionality into a website, they can simply download a plugin that will work for the time being. The issue? These 3rd party plugins are not always safe. In fact, if you lack developmental expertise and use plugins as a logic gap-filler, you open your clients up to some pretty dangerous SQL injections, thus making your entire database of information vulnerable. It pays to take the time to do the job right.


Cybersecurity & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)SOC Report and Ransomware Protection

Website safety is definitely taken into consideration as search engines continue to seek out the best resources for search inquiries. Since 2014, Google used the addition of an SSL Certificate as a positive SEO signal and, as 2017 rolls along, security becomes an increasingly more important factor. More than 50% of current first page search results are websites that use these security-boosting certificates. If you’re a web development agency, Google strongly urges you to move from HTTP to HTTPS – your rankings, shareholders and visitors will thank you.


Building Trust Among the Snakes

It’s easy to talk a big game in the web design realm, but that all-glitter, no-substance mentality is why turnover is so high for web design firms. Customers want the best. Clients want the pros. They’re making an investment in a high-powered marketing and functionality tool that should benefit them for years to come, so they are well within their rights to have reservations about industry newcomers and pop-up digital marketing shops. Having 10+ years in the business helps, as does having a robust portfolio filled with high-end brand names. However, in the current security climate, performing a SOC audit and passing along your risk management report to all potential clients is incredibly valuable. This is tangible evidence that you are a trustworthy source of digital development excellence. You’ve gone above and beyond to prevent potential breaches – and here’s the proof, for all to see.

Possessing a hard-copy version of your dedication to cybersecurity will make you look proactive today, but not having it may make you obsolete tomorrow.


This guest post was written by Stephan Reed, the Search Engine Optimization Specialist for ForeFront Web, a Columbus, Ohio Web Design & SEO Agency.