SOC Readiness/Consulting

Expert SOC Consulting Services

Being approached by one or more clients to have a SOC audit performed is often the catalyst that causes an organization to begin exploring their options in regards to the various reports and their benefits. It is not uncommon for organizations to lose partnerships due to the lack of a SOC report – or to actually gain it thanks to a comprehensive report being conducted.

Many organizations know they need to begin the SOC process, but don’t know how to get the ball rolling. This is where our “SOC Readiness” or “SOC Consulting” services come into play.

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SOC Readiness Assessment & Preparation

To kick off the process, our team first becomes familiar with your organization and the control environment that you already have in place. The SOC readiness assessment phase allows us to work closely with you to prepare you for actual execution of your SOC Report – whichever report may be applicable for your organization and its needs. This phase allows us to get to know your operation on various levels before you embark on the actual report. This is always a good starting point that allows us to position your control environment for the best possible outcome once the review period of your actual SOC Report begins.

Our Goal: A Low-Stress, High-Reward SOC Report Process

Holbrook & Manter is here to help your organization exit the SOC process with a stellar SOC report that will communicate to those you partner with that your control environment is sound. We also want your SOC report to open the door for you for new partnerships and investment partners.

If you need to know more about the SOC process, don’t continue to wonder! Reach out to us today and begin with our readiness and consulting services. You will speak directly with a SOC audit expert, that way you will know exactly which report is right for you and you will know when to begin the actual reporting phase.