You and your organization are now on the other side of having a SOC 2 audit performed, and you have your final report in your hand.   Congratulations!  You’re SOC 2 Certified!  (Technically, there is no such thing as SOC 2 Certified – completing a SOC examination isn’t a Certification, but rather an “Attestation”)  Your report shows that your company has a handle on internal controls relevant to one or more of the following five Trust Services categories:



Processing Integrity



Now the question is, what do you do with this all-important deliverable?  You will want to make sure that your SOC 2 report benefits your internal team, your stakeholders, your current clients, and prospects you would like to do business within the future.

If you have successfully completed a SOC 2 examination, you know that this type of audit report speaks to the trustworthiness of the services provided by your organization. The report zeros in on the risks associated with the controls you have in place to store and protect customer data online and in the cloud.  Thanks to your SOC 2 report, those looking to work with your organization will take comfort in knowing that you are doing all you can to keep their sensitive data protected.

Internally, you will want to let your stakeholders know the details of your SOC 2 report. You will want to let your entire internal team know the report has been completed and you have passed, so they can share this information with outside parties as needed. Arm your team with the information about your SOC 2 so they can be walking, talking advocates for the security of your organization.

 Externally, you may consider putting out a press release promoting the completion of your SOC 2 so it can catch the eye of your clients and prospects. Be sure to share this information on your website and through your social media channels. Beyond the press release, you could create blog posts talking about your experience going through the SOC 2 process and you can share what you learned along the way. In short, make sure this certification is visible in all the places where someone can meet your organization virtually. Carry that badge of credibility with you- you earned it.

Your SOC 2 report will be working for you around the clock and in many ways. It will certainly give you a competitive edge over those you battle with in marketplace.  If you have completed the SOC 2 process and your competitors don’t, then you have the leg up for sure. Your competitors can promise their controls are effective, but you can actually prove it.

Reach out to Holbrook & Manter today for more information about our SOC readiness and audit services. Our team is highly experienced in this space and is backed by many esteemed credentials. We would be happy to assist you.